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CDS-MMS “More Voices” commercial platform of healing videos using CDS-MMS.

Today the most pressing issue in the 7.5 billion people in the world is how to save their lives. We have the solution and how to do it. Anyone can do it from home, on this platform is all the information and much more, related to the extreme situation in which we were sunk by big corporations and corrupt governments.

A scientific development supported by thousands of physicians and scientists around the world.

Whoever owns this platform will not only help save lives but will have their own database of people who need products, services and rebuild their family economy, that is, online work. That is to say, it fits into every market.

Everything can be offered in up to 100+ languages, with real-time chat in up to 109 languages.

Example of what you acquire, and functional features.


Or your WWW.CDS-ECUADOR.COM platform (sample name)

Or your platform WWW.PEPITO.COM(sample name)



We are going to present the tool that we have for the aforementioned.

The first objective is to save lives and improve the quality of life of humans, something that in more than 100 years the medicines prescribed by doctors and their administration protocols did the opposite, to increase human and animal diseases, rampant theft in the prices of medicines that only relieve pain without healing anything, putting humans in a very precarious health condition and creating social class ghettos without being able to leave.

To regain the individual liberties of being able to choose how and how to treat our health conditions with protocols that only enrich the already multibillion and deteriorate the health of humans to maintain the use of pharmaceutical drugs by increasing the wealth of those who today have decided to reduce, kill, murder, to billions of humans to gain power and absolute control of slaves who pay unmeasured bills of health, energy and basic essential for humans. (WHAT RIGHT???????)

We have many videos, up to now more than 250, are official documents of courageous scientists, health professionals, eminences in various fields of physics and biology, irrefutable testimonies of people cured and in the process of improvement day by day.

Who can question when a mother says her AUTIST son IS ALMOST FULLY RECOVERED?

We have created a video platform with multiple features that sort out the same and the information that they provide to us.

It also provides multiple services for those who own it. This is because our intention is that thousands of people, whether or not they know about the Internet, can have it.

The goal is for small, medium or large businesses or individuals who want to contribute from their cities to the world in this cause, to have on their own Internet servers (typically you rent a very low-cost online space (preferably not with us), in monthly payment, can cost $20 to $50 no more than that and even less)

You can even bring people together and divide this cost.


Any business or group that gets organized can have this platform with its own link, own internet space, and collect the list of its followers without any intervention from us. That is, once installed we will have no access to it.

All the videos you can download from this site, , no video has been edited or added any text, this as originally received or recorded, by downloading the video the first image is included to facilitate the work, which can be changed, everything is commanded by the administrative panel of WordPress. We've added code so that everything can be done using commands.

You will also be able to upload your own videos of your business whether it is multi-level companies, product sales, teaching courses, etc. We recommend creating new categories so that the information is ordered and not to confuse visitors.

There is nothing commercially more attractive than the pandemic and what to do to stay alive, and everything is in the videos with many interviews with scientists and media personnel.

Resumen de funciones incluidas en la plataforma que pueden ser modificadas.

Summary of features included in the platform that can be modified.

—1 CONNECT VIDEOS, with presentation image (jpg or png, 660 x 350 pixels), with each video downloaded from accompanies the image we use. You can change the image if you want. Unlimited number of videos can be connected.

The videos can be stored on any other server, not necessarily on the server where the platform is installed. I mention this because there are servers that only serve images and videos at high speed, we will mention some in the instructions.

While this platform is delivered at a very, very low charge is because you will always have to have the videos that save lives, from there you can have the videos you want. (not pornography, not hatred or incitement to violence). Failure to comply with the platform can stop working.

—2 CATEGORIES you can change all categories if you wish, it is done by easy commands from the administrative panel.

Once the video category is created, when connected, you will need to specify each video to which category they belong

The same, as audio language, including the language in which it is subtitled if any.

—3 TEXT, there are texts and images related to Andreas Kalcker that cannot be modified but everyone else can, for example, the donation page, you should switch to your PayPal account.

The provider page can be taken out of everyone and if you sell CDS OR supplies you can be alone and combine with other countries to be or not.

The page where we promote this platform may or may not leave it, but we would like it to help us promote as much as possible the same possibility you receive today, you can choose the market to promote it. As a member of the Network Wealth Club you can receive up to 40% of commission on this and other online products we offer.

—4 COULD OFFER CUSTOM PAGES, as an example we will use a holder of the platform

If you want to give a page with everything that includes your platform to some professional, friend or collaborator of yours, whose name is Maria, the page of Maria will be the chat administrator of the page will be Maria,the contact form will have direct email to Maria, at the foot of the page will be Maria's contact details etc.

In addition, Maria will be able to invite people to watch the videos without needing to register, as long as Maria is inside her page (already signed in), this will allow visitors to see videos and use chat with Maria without having to register.

—5 The chat has 109 languages; in this link you can see the functions of the chat (on this page you can choose the language you understand, search for flags, top left of page, click and will have 100+ languages)

If the chat has to translate languages, there is a cost, every 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) characters $10 (ten dollars). They are charged through your account at, all those who own this platform have to have an account on NWC, registration is free.

If the chat doesn't have to translate, the two people speaking via chat using the same language, there is no translation consumption (no cost).

—6 100+ languages, every submitted platform will have translated texts into more than 100+ languages, the detection of which language the visitor uses depends on where he or she is visited, that is, if a Russian visits his or her site, all the content will be presented in Russian.

Each visitor can choose the language they want from the language selection page.

Texts delivered with the platform are already translated into up to 100+ languages.

—7 Great advantage of having Multilanguage platform combined with tools created at Network Wealth Club

Look at the arrow in the photo above, you'll see that when the video runs, the text here goes forward, this design allows us to write the audio content of the video, no matter the language, and by selecting the language of the page, this text will be translated, which means that the person who doesn't understand the language of the audio just reads it directly as the video progresses, can silence the audio if he gets uncomfortable, this way he knows the content of what he or she gets. Says and in up to 100+ languages. This is an unpublished Network Wealth Club tool, also available as a marketing tool for members of the Network Wealth Club.

—8 The platform has a translation control panel, if you add new text, you'll have to run the translation up to 100+languages again, in this case it's a cost, also $10 for every 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand characters). In this case you will only have to translate the text added into one of the pages, (everything will be explained in usage manuals) would be the same account already open for use of the chat. When funds in that account drop by less than $3.00 ($3) an email and a text will be sent to the registered user of the platform.

Every time a visitor chooses a language the whole site will be seen in that language, there is no translation cost as it is only done once and stored in a database, it is shown when required.

—9 GOOGLE ANALYTICS. The platform collects global data from visitors to pages, countries, cities and amount of visitors, meaning that you will be able to see the result on visitors in every advertising campaign you do.

You need a Gmail account (a google email)

Watch this video.


—10 BASIC AND TOTAL VIDEO PACKAGES: On the platform there are two video packages, one is BASIC and another is TOTAL. This is defined on the same form when you connect a video. It's one more piece of data that you add with everything else, by video, that is, you decide which videos are from the BASIC package and which ones are not.

BASICO AND TOTAL packet explanation, Why this?:

The costs of developing this platform have exceeded all expected; there's a page of voluntary donations to help me track development, but it hasn't worked, so I decided that free no donation is delivered the BASIC package. This package saves lives.

Those making a voluntary donation automatically have access to all the videos, many testimonies, latest news, and special videos of Andreas etc.

The BASIC package is the package where Andreas Kalcker teaches us how to save lives, some testimonies from hundreds of doctors and thousands of people who used chlorine dioxide.

The TOTAL package includes all the videos in existence, each day we get new and better information to which you will have access, as well as videos of free seminars that Andreas Kalcker offers.

Accessing all the videos, in our case requires a once or monthly donation (at the discretion of the donor) of $5 (5 USD) which can also be shared with 3 more people who will have access to all the videos. As you can see here, there is no abuse of any kind; it is laughable how much donation is demanded.

This donation feature is also part of the platform, may or may not be used by those who acquire the platform. You can hide the page from the administrative panel if there is no reason for donation.


If any of these images or texts are modified or changed to the platform the platform freezes automatically and does not revert to the original situation even if the action is corrected.

Andreas Kalcker, Donate Data, View Image

Image by Tagai Technology TS Inc, developer of the platform and the link to the company, View image

—11 SEARCH FOR A PARTICULAR VIDEO, or many who share the same search term, will see this search bar at the beginning of the first page of the platform.

As you can see, in many ways you can locate a video or several of a specific topic or under name, even if we have thousands of videos.

The important thing is to put in the titles those terms that best identify the video, be it by medical condition, author, interview etc.

All videos, their information, can be edited on the platform's administrative panel (only the headline with access, we will provide guide videos)


To acquire the platform there's a cost, very low at this early stage, which means that for you to download and install it very easily, even for people who know little about webpages and installation it's very easy for you without complications, there's a way to go programmatically, software code that has to be developed, we all develop it, nothing is bought in canned (we have customers who say they develop software, they don't, they ask us that let's develop for them, then they sell it).

So far we have reached a very good operating level, what is left are refinements, which translate into money to be spent. I invested a lot and I want to take advantage for others to benefit and this way there is a motivation to spread the cause of Anreas at all levels. It's more like we have automatic text systems, we could get to an entire country if we have the cell phone list, we'd be doing permanent campaigns 24 hours a day, but it costs me money, it can't be done with free texts.

Our support is always supporting every problem or doubt that may occur, 24 hours, 7 days.

It will accompany each package with guided videos in up to 3 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and English) and we will have up to 100+ languages at the time of delivery.

We'll start with a low cost. I am integrating it into our platform at as one more product and so members will be able to join and just promote their affiliate link the system will recognize who owns that link and if the purchase is made, automatically the commission is assigned. You must have some way to get money, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, we're also going to accept crypto coins, Bitcoin and if the operation is in Bitcoin, we'll pay the commission in Bitcoin. (this will not be a problem from the moment we are in contact anyway)

We are currently finishing the integration of the platform as a product in our company.

The normal price for this platform is $300. Three hundred dollars We are giving a 70% DISCOUNT CUPON (seventy percent discount) The discount is only for the duration of the PRE-SALE and the delivery is made at 30 days paid. The reason is that there is still code to finish, to make it easy to install on any server and that there is no need for programming knowledge.

The pre-sale cost is $90.

We are also adding command so that once you have created your database you can,integrating Network Wealth Club tools

Send texts and emails to registered individuals, either by promoting products and/or services.


Together with the platform we will deliver a toolkit to grow your business online.

You can check the website to see what we have and what is about to go out.

This toolkit will be available to those who purchase the platform at either by unit or monthly cost. The tools that make up the package will be carefully chosen to give maximum value.

Many of the tools have cost of consumption such as image compression, translation, translation chat, international email 100+ languages ( up to 109 or 100+ Languages).

I mean, you don't pay for any of the tools per product, but the consumption costs do. It is actually very low the consumption value as they observe during the relatory of this presentation.

Thank You

Hector Gonzalo