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Talking to Ms. Socorro Trejo, Co-Founder of the Network Wealth Club, she made me a comment related to one of the many applications that multi-language communication systems developed at the Network Wealth Club can have.

It is aimed to schools in the United States and/or other countries, globally, where immigration, which is high, or for new knowledge purposes, places teachers and parents in trouble when they don't understand the language, and who end up harmed are the students because of it.

So we have decided to have a program of aid for schools, all over the country/countries, where we will be given the tools available so far (February 2020), International Chat and multilingual emails free of charge for the app. These tools have a cost in the consumption of translation, but they are minimal and perfectly accessible to any school.

For those countries where the cost of consuming translations is not possible due to the exchange in currency and low purchasing power, we will have special free consumption schemes.

This excellent initiative by Mrs. Socorro Trejo, born perhaps because she was there, had to emigrate to live a different culture, has been unanimously supported by the Network Wealth Club group. It's in its initial phase and we hope to have a global acceptance.

Those interested can advance details of their desire to participate in this project by completing the form below.

Thank you.

Hector Gonzalo

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