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Email ALias Tool

Email ALias Tool

The Problem:

Internet Marketing requires several email accounts that are not available to users.

This tool solves that without the need to create new e-mail accounts.

Alias for your e-mail address is another e-mail that forms with the first part of your original e-mail to which we add our email servers.

For example:

If your email is youremail@yahoo.com or @gmail.com or @hotmail.com etc., this tool allows you to create up to 100 different emails accounts for the same original account that will be formatted as youremail@emailalias.net, youremail.1@emailalias.net, youremail.2@emailalias.net, youremail.45@emailalias.net, etc.

The benefits are many compared to free email accounts.

Currently, network marketing leaders need to register people who do not have an email address and are limited as MLM companies do not allow them to use the same email for different accounts or, marketing campaigns require unique email accounts which also impose a limitation.

In some cases free e-mail accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. deliver e-mails to unwanted e-mail accounts and campaigns are not seen by recipients, which leads to the loss of sales opportunities.

Here at the Network Wealth Club we have developed an email server that solves a large part of these problems.

You can use the FREE TRIAL to check the efficiency of using this tool.

The pay version allows you to create 500 aliases for a single payment of $10 and keep it forever.

You can combine the accounts created between different e-mails; you can delete the aliases created and use them again if you wish.

Another advantage associated with the use of aliases is that if for some reason this account is blocked you only need to create another account and forget the account blocked, so you protect your original account.

You must use a valid email account as it will be validated at the time of creating aliases.

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