Multilingual Email Tool

The Last Frontier to conquer on the Internet, "The Different Languages" Network Wealth Club has conquered it!

— Translating entire sites into 100+ languages

— Chat International into 100+ languages

— Multilingual Email with up to 100+ languages

Multilingual Email with up to 100+ languages

You Write in
your Native Language, They Read in Their Native Language

This page is designed to help our affiliates present each tool with the appropriate fundamentals of why it is made and how it covers a current and future need of the international market that produces a safe sale for many years to come

Today you try to reach audiences who understand another language, not the language in which you write in your letters or emails. Our

You Write in your Native Language, They Read in Their Native Language

Multilingual Email tool makes it possible for you to reach the whole world and for your audience to understand your proposal. If you add to this our International Chat.

Then the chances to close a deal are almost 100%, as well as providing extensive support and explanations for your products or services with full confidence that everyone understands your explanation.


Your email receivers can reply to you in their native language, you will read in your native language

Couldn’t be anything better and easy like this!!!

Basic requirements for acquiring this tool

You need to open an account at

—For every 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) translated characters there is a cost of US$10.

This initial value must be deposited into your Network Wealth Club membership account Top ups may be of lower value.

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MO: US $0 | One Time: US $50
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Tagai Technology/Network Wealth Club engineers have developed an efficient platform that helps NWC members.

Whether 100, or 10,000, or 100,000+ emails in your advertising campaign, you will be able to choose in as many languages you want to be translated, perhaps depending on the geographic area of the planet to which your campaign is intended.

The content of the email will only be translated once with the above cost and those who want to read it will receive a copy already translated into the requested language, this will no longer cost the NWC member as it has already been translated and stored in their NWC membership account.

Then the only additional cost is $2.00 (two dollars) for every 10,000 emails sent. If you do not use translation, this will be the only cost of your campaign.


You may request a free trial of this tool from your backoffice with option to purchase. It is a limited test where you will not have to deposit money for consumption in translation.

When your free trial expires you will need to:

To use the Multilanguage email system with html code option (email with web page design) Have an initial minimum of UA$10.00 for the next 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand translated characters) deposited in your PayPal account at the NWC BackOffice.

Multilanguage: You will have to have deposited US$2.00 (two Dollars) for every 10,000 (ten thousand) emails to send.

If you use translation to read the content, a language other than English please read the following:


Machine Neural Translation is the process of using computer software to translate text from one natural language to another. Machine Translation is best used to grasp the general context of the original text and is not intended to replace human translators. Network Wealth Club will make reasonable efforts to provide accurate translations. However, Network Wealth Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of the converted text nor are we liable for any resulting issues. The translations provided are automated and may contain errors. Any individual or entity that obtains information from this translation service does so at his or her own risk. Network Wealth Club will not be responsible for loss or damages arising from its use. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.

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