What Is Bot Traffic?

Bot traffic describes any non-human traffic that visits a website. Whether the website is a hugely popular news site or a small, newly published startup, the site is bound to be visited by a certain number of bots over time.

Final Thoughts on Bad Bots

Site owners should pay close attention to their traffic considering how malicious bots continue to run rampant. Left unchecked, bad bot traffic can evolve from a nuisance to something more serious such as a full-on cyber attack in no time. Knowing how to mitigate bad bot traffic can help to safeguard your infrastructure and create a more secure internet for everyone.

Bad Bots: What They Are and How to Fight Them

Bad internet bot traffic rose by 18.1% in 2019, and it now accounts for nearly one-quarter of all internet traffic


Note: This article, which was originally published in 2019, has been updated to include related news & media resources.

The figure above, which comes from Imperva’s 2020 Bad Bot Report, should come as a warning to all internet users, especially companies and organizations who maintain their own infrastructure online to take this problem seriously.

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