-1- SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Optimization of web pages for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

-2- Keywords (Keywords search)

-3- Monthly Volume of searches (Number of monthly searches with the keyword or phrase used)

-4- Competitiveness (competition existing on the internet today for a keyword or phrase)

-3- long tail keywords (search phrases of more than two or three words)

-4- Back Links (links of other websites pointing to your video or website)

-5- Views (Number of visits and views of a video)

-6- Clicks (clicks that were given to a video or article in Face book / twitter/blogs, etc.)

-7- Popular sites (Popularity of a website, usually with many backlinks)

-8- AD Authority Domain (domain name with authority, usually with large amount of monthly traffic)

Just to mention the most relevant.

If you want to have a commercial online presence, that is, you want to get money promoting your products and / or services and you have no idea what we are talking about here, it is time to know.

Many courses are out there that are just that, courses. They teach you but they do not want you to stop learning, because of that they live, while you see you desire to disappear, it is pure theory.

Network Wealth Club has developed online tools that do everything mentioned above with a few simple clicks of the mouse and show you where to click to produce the magic and use at the most expert level the techniques that put you in front of companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few to benefit.

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