Basic features in the installation process

- It is designed to be a WordPress plugin and is installed like any standard plugin

- Can be installed on any platform on the web, WordPress or not

- The platform is installed on your own internet servers, having full control of the content.

- If you already have a website you can add it or create the domain name you want, register it and use it.

- Anyone with basic knowledge of web pages can install and maintain it, no specialist is required.

- We provide installation support if necessary

Whoever owns this platform will have their own database of people who need your products or services, that is, it can be used in all markets.

Everything can be offered in up to 100+ languages, with real-time chat in up to 100+ languages.

Example of what you acquire and its functional characteristics.

Our example platform WWW.HECTORGONZALO.COM

or WWW.MERCADO-ECUADOR.COM platform (example name)

or your platform WWW.PEPITO.COM (example name)

The "More Voices" platform can sort an unlimited number of videos, easily accessible by any search term contained in the title of the video.

The place of storage of the videos that is to say where the video file physically resides can be:

1- On your own server

2- On specialized multimedia delivery servers

3- On traditional public platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Rumble, lbry, all of these are selected with a mouse click and automatically run within your platform.

Business benefits of the "More Voices" platform

Any company or group that is organized can have this platform with its own link (domain name), its own space on the Internet, and collect the list of its followers without any intervention from us. That is, once installed we will not have access to it.

For traffic measurements, the “Mas Voces” platform has all the functions currently provided by YouTube plus additional functions of its own.

You can check whether the video can be downloaded or not (those that are stored on your own servers or private media content delivery accounts)

The platform has mass email sending of all registered members plus you can manually add email lists. You can see which emails were delivered to the recipient and which ones were not.

The platform has mass sending of texts (SMS) to cell phones, all its registered members and you can also manually add lists of cell phone numbers.

You can also upload your own videos of your business, whether they are network marketing companies, product sales, teaching courses, technical support, online medical assistance, etc. We recommend you create new categories so that the information is requested and does not confuse visitors.

The platform can create sub web pages for members who want it, it is just a click and the member automatically has their personalized page within their domain

This is similar to private YouTube channels, a very important advance in the concept of so-called channels on YouTube, each owner of a platform will be able to create pages for the members of their platform, it is similar to the channels that we already know where on each platform site you can have unlimited pages assigned to members or users (member to whom the platform owner creates a custom page or channel)

Each member page created has the following functional characteristics

Personalized page for each selected member

You will receive contact via email to your email

The identification of the footer, email, telephone in your name

You can upload your own videos that will appear before the content that the platform owner uploaded

You will have international chat in up to 100+ languages

The international chat can hold simultaneous conversations with more than 20 contacts, being the administrator of that chat, each conversation can be in a different language for the visitor.

Summary of functions included in the platform that can be modified.

All additions or changes are made by commands in the site administration in an easy and dynamic way without requiring any programming knowledge at all.

—1 Download videos, with presentation image (jpg or png, 660 x 350 pixels), with each video downloaded by visitors the videos can be stored on any other server, not necessarily on the server where the platform is installed. I mention this because there are servers that only serve images and videos at high speed, we will mention some in the instructions.

—2 You can add or change all categories if you wish; it is done with simple commands from the administrative panel.

Once the video category is created, when it is connected, you must assign each video of the category to which it belongs, as well as the audio language, including the language in which it is subtitled, if applicable.

The categories created can show the videos contained in them on public pages, or they may not show them, only by accessing the category they can be watched, a password-protected category can also be defined that will be accessible to those who know the password.

-3 To only share the content of a category with all its videos, a link is automatically created and by sharing that link, the recipient will have access to the content of the category exclusively.

-4 To share videos, just click on the share icon on each video and a link is created that is shared and whoever receives it has only that video. The link is copied to the clipboard of your computer or mobile unit and you can paste it in the application you want, email, text, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

—5 Each platform provides an international chat, both on the main page and on each of the members with a personalized page. The chat has more than 100 languages available; in this link you can see the functions of the chat https:// / netwclub1 /teach-international-chat-tool

Short link:

The international chat can hold simultaneous conversations with more than 20 contacts, being the administrator of that chat the owner of the platform or the member with a personalized page, each conversation can be in a different language from the visitor side.

—6 The platform can use one of our translation tools for both the content of the pages and the subtitles of the videos, at the moment up to more than 100 languages.

It is important to know that the translation is done once and every time there are updates in the text. Once done, it is saved in a database, that is to say that a new request for a language the translator is not used, rather the translated content is provided from the database for the requested language.

For the translation of the audio content in the videos, a transcription to text is required, in whatever language, with an acceptable grammar of the same language, from there, the same platform translates it into English and with two more steps it can be carried out. As many languages as you want.

The translation of the subtitles of each video, whether modified or new, is done independently, language by language, that is, you do not need to translate the entire website.

All translation process are carried out through a translation queue management, centralized at NetworkWealthClub, no matter how many member are using our system, it has not limit in simultaneous translation process

-7 The “More Voices” platform has automatic language detection according to the geographical place on the planet from which the visitor visits us.

Each language can be changed by choosing the language you want on the language selection page.

—8 It is a great advantage to have a Multilanguage platform combined with tools created in NetworkWealthClub

—9 Google analytics statistics. The platform collects global data on visitors to pages, countries, cities and number of visitors, which means that you will be able to see the result in visitors in each advertising campaign you run.

You need a Gmail account (a google email)

—10 The search for a particular video can be done with any text term that is present in the video title of many that share the same search term, there is a search bar at the beginning of the first page of the platform.

-11 In a short time we will put audio to each translated text in up to 49 languages, this is already being developed. Almost nothing to do, it will be instant, more than a few clicks.

In other words, whoever wants to synthesize the video subtitles in an audio in up to 49 languages, it is very easy to do it with our voice synthesizer, very similar to the human voice.

-12 The categories created may contain videos that do not appear directly on the public pages but only in the category, or they may be password-protected categories, only those who have access can visit them.

-13 Description of the video, in each video there is a link where whoever connects it can make a brief summary of what the video contains, everything that is a link appears automatically, opening the link on a new page without having to leave the video page.

-14 Display of the content of the subtitled text on a page on your screen. Each link written in the text will open on a new page. Whichever language is selected,

That is, you have 3 ways to review the content of the audio already translated

1. Download it in a Word or notepad document and then create a pdf or print it.

2. Read the content as the video progresses.

3. View all content on your screen.

There are many more functions to organize the information.

Additional tools provided by our business group


Another very powerful venture in privacy and communications continuity is the development and current testing process (January 2022) of the Anylanguagechat application or as it is known as ALC.

WhatsApp-style application, which provides instant communication in more than 100 languages, one-to-one communication, groups, sending documents, Excel, pdf, Word, audio, video. Audio recording, call, video calls.

(Some features are still under development, January 2022)

This application was fully developed in our programming center and it was sought not to depend on any giant software company, Google , FaceBook, etc. To not be dependent on anyone, other than our own resources.

Having these tools available there are no longer communication barriers between the countries of the planet.

If you want to be a distributor of our online tools or have questions not answered here please complete the following contact form


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If you use translation to read the content, a language other than English please read the following:


Machine Neural Translation is the process of using computer software to translate text from one natural language to another. Machine Translation is best used to grasp the general context of the original text and is not intended to replace human translators. Network Wealth Club will make reasonable efforts to provide accurate translations. However, Network Wealth Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of the converted text nor are we liable for any resulting issues. The translations provided are automated and may contain errors. Any individual or entity that obtains information from this translation service does so at his or her own risk. Network Wealth Club will not be responsible for loss or damages arising from its use. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance or enforcement purposes.
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